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Pool Closure

January 30 at noon until 2/5 at earliest.  Check with "Y" staff to make sure when reopening will occur.

Practice times:

 12 noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays,   8 am on Saturdays

Program Cost

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Articles of interest:

VMST Winter Meet 2/01

VMST Championship Meet 4/01

Breast Stroke


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What is interval training?

Leg and foot cramps



Fun! Fitness! Strength! Flexibility! Improved Technique!

This program is designed to be fun for adults ages 19 to 100! As part of United States Masters and Virginia Masters, Northern Neck Family YMCA Stripers join the over 3,500 folks nationwide who enjoy a fantastic sport!

Camaraderie is one of the most important components of masters swimming, plus it offers the opportunity to swim better, faster, and to participate in fun activities both in and out of the water. Whether your personal goals include competition or not, if you love to swim there is a place for you in masters swimming.

Practices are organized having specific objectives and tailored to the abilities of individuals. No need to be an accomplished swimmer, it is just necessary to be able to swim two lengths of the pool, 50 yards. Expert coaching will help any swimmer become more proficient.

Program Objectives:

Participants will demonstrate

  1. ability to safely and correctly do workouts using interval training method.
  2. ability to swim (or begin basics) of the competitive stokes, freestyle, breast stroke, backstroke and butterfly.
  3. improved stroke mechanics
  4. acceptable turns and finishes
  5. continued improvement and progress in swimming skills as measured against specific objectives.



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